How to Activate Windows 10 With and Without the Activation Key?

 Windows OS probably is one of the widely used operating systems that come pre-available on all the new laptops or desktops that are purchased by users (except Mac Books etc.) This operating system comes with a variety of features so that you can perform some basic as well as advanced level computing tasks on it. This operating system, like others, also comes with updates so that users can stay ahead in this competitive time. Alongside updates, its owners also release its updated versions in the market with top-notch features and services. And, the most recent version of this operating system is Windows 10. So, if you are interested to know how to activate Windows 10, then you surely need to go through this article once.

How to Activate Windows 10

The sections below will help you to activate Windows 10 in different manners. First of all, we will learn to activate it with the help of the product key, then with the digital license, and then with then for free. However, before we move on to learn the procedural steps of all these three methods, it is important that we know a little more about Windows 10.

Find out what’s interesting in Windows 10

  • Start menu

As soon as you click on the “Start” menu of Windows 10, you will be presented with a lot of features that would eventually make your work easier. Whether you want to connect to the internet, manage the connected devices, or printer, this menu has got you covered.

  • Cortana

Just like you use Google Assistance on your Android devices or Siri on your iOS devices, the same way you can use Cortana devices. Just ask Cortana to perform any function on your device and it will be done immediately whether it is fetching images or sending emails.

  • Play Xbox Games

If you like playing Xbox or Xbox One games, then you can do so with an in-build Windows 10 Xbox program. However, to use this, you need to first go through the Windows 10 activation process. As soon as you know how to activate Windows 10, you will be able to use all features that are available on your device including Xbox, and enjoy a next-level gaming experience.

  • Easier multitasking

If multi-tasking is something that you are looking for in a system then you must go ahead with the procedure to activate Windows 10 on your device. Doing this would ensure that you have the latest version of the operating system along with the most efficient features on your device that would lead to smoother multi-tasking.

Moving on, let us now learn the procedure to activate Windows 10 in different ways.

Activating Windows 10 with a product key

  1. Power on the computer on which you have downloaded Windows 10 OS
  2. After this, you need to open the software and enter the license key for installation
  3. Moving on, you have to press the Windows key and then select “Settings”
  4. Next up, go ahead with choosing the “Update and Security” option
  5. Here, tap on the “Activation” option and select “Change product key”
  6. In the window that pops up on your screen, enter the Windows 10 activator key
  7. Press “Next” and then press “Activate” to complete the activation

That is how to activate Windows 10 on your device. Followed by this, let us now have a look at the steps that you need to follow to activate Windows 10 without a product key.

How to activate Windows 10 without key?

If you do not have a product key, then you can activate it with the help of a digital license. Here is how to do it:

  1. First of all, on the activation screen, select “I don’t have a product key”
  2. Now, create a new Microsoft account or log in to an old one
  3. This will automatically activate Windows 10 on your device
  4. If that does not happen, go to the “Settings” menu of your device
  5. Then, go to the “Update and Security” menu and select “Activation”
  6. After this, click on the option to troubleshoot the problems
  7. You may need to follow some more prompts at this point
  8. After this, enter the digital license key and you’re done


Users who are having a query regarding how to activate windows 10 for free, then they should note that it is not recommended to use the free version of Windows 10. This is because these free versions are usually corrupted and do not have all those features that a paid product is having. Therefore, you must avoid installing any such free product on your devices to avoid affecting its efficiency. Make sure to keep the product key safe as you will need it in case you ever have to reactivate Windows 10.

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