How to Clear Out Coinbase Not Working Issues?

Coinbase not working is a common issue that usually occurs while using or accessing the Coinbase account. You may face this issue on the login page when you are trying to access the account or on the Coinbase mobile app. Some of the common Coinbase problems are such as Coinbase down, Coinbase 2 step verification not working, and Coinbase verification not working issue. These issues may arise due to network issues, excess data and cache files, bug or security issues, wrong details on the login page, etc. Today we are going to talk about some common Coinbase errors and quick solutions for them. Make sure to keep your device connected with a stable network connection to avoid any other issues.

Coinbase Not Working

Some common Coinbase errors and quick solutions

In the sections given below, we have mentioned the Coinbase not working errors and quick solutions for these errors. To fix these errors, make sure to read the instructions carefully and implement them on your account.

Error 1: Coinbase Down issue

Coinbase provides you exchange services through its website and mobile application. In case the site or app is facing any type of technical issues then they may go down. Generally, you do not face such an issue with your account but in case you are experiencing the Coinbase down issue on your mobile or computer then you should wait for a few hours and let the issue be fixed as it is possible that the Coinbase server is down and so that you are also getting this issue. You can also check that whether Coinbase is down for all users or only you are getting this issue on your device.

Error 2: Coinbase 2 step verification not working

This issue generally occurs with those Coinbase users who have enabled the 2FA in their accounts. Whenever you are failed to verify the mobile number that is linked with the Coinbase 2FA account, you need to do the following for a quick fix:

  • Confirm that mobile is in the network coverage area
  • To fix the network issue, move to a place where the network coverage is good
  • Make sure to enter the 2-step verification code correctly
  • In case the mobile is not accessible then you need to discuss the issue with Coinbase agent to get a quick help
  • While speaking with the Coinbase agent, make sure to provide the required information correctly
  • After bypassing the Coinbase 2FA, you need to change the associated mobile number to avoid issues in the future
  • You can also disable the 2FA from your Coinbase account

Error 3: Coinbase verification not working

In case you have requested to verify your Coinbase identity but your request has been rejected by the Coinbase agent then in such case you need to re-submit the request to fix the issue. To avoid the Coinbase verification not working issue, you need to do the following:

  • Coinbase asks you to upload a clear photo of the identity proofs that are asked in the verification form.
  • In case your Coinbase legal name is different from the name that is mentioned on the ID then in such case you need to change the Coinbase legal name to fix the issue.
  • Make sure to provide a clear and real-time snap of yourself as it is also a mandatory process to complete the Coinbase verification.
  • Enter each detail correctly that is asked in the verification form to avoid the issues.
  • Make sure to verify the registered email address. In case you are not able to do that then speak this issue with the Coinbase agent to fix the Coinbase not working issue.


In short, the Coinbase not working is an issue that may resist your access from Coinbase exchange. However, you can get rid of this issue by approaching some definite solutions that we have discussed above on this page. In case your Coinbase mobile app or browser is not working then you need to clear the cache files and update the browser to fix the issue. Make sure to type the Coinbase account username and password details to avoid the Coinbase not working issue. In case you are getting the wrong password details then you need to visit the Coinbase password reset page to clear out the issue.

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