A detailed guide to understanding APPIC Directory

Lists, effortlessly, put things to perspective and that is what the APPIC Directory is. It lists out all the APPIC-member internships and other post-doctoral training programs in an electronic form. The Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers provides world-class solutions and program listings.

Understand “What is the Directory”

You must be wondering- why is it called APPIC Directory. The word “directory” refers to a book of listings for individuals and organizations in alphabetic or thematic order. And thus, two things to remember here is that it contains all the internship and post-doctoral training programs that are available along with meeting certain criterion and that it is an electronic list. The name simply fits.

What is Active Directory or Azure Active Directory?

It is clear by now that APPIC Directory (or APPIC Internship Directory) is in an electronic form and it needs to be associated with an online management system for increased efficiency. That’s where Azure Active Directory comes into the picture. It is an identity and access management solution, which is a cloud-based enterprise by Microsoft and is known to be the support system of Office 365.

Know one of the Doctoral Internship Programs

This part of the read will walk you through the APA-Accredited Doctoral Internship Program that gets listed on the APPIC Directory. It is a well-reputed program and is considered to be a great opportunity. The duration of the internship program is 12 months, two thousand hours and is accredited by the American Psychological Association. Let’s take a look at the highlights of this internship program:

  • Vigorous training seminars along with focusing attention on social and multicultural justice issues
  • Clinical facilities with all the Student-Athletes
  • Individuals, couples, and family psychotherapy and group services including different Telehealth services
  • Interventions related top Triage and Crisis
  • Thorough Psychological Assessment (ADHD/LD, Personality Assessment)
  • Effective supervision of all the practicum trainees
  • Campus community and departments offer Outreach and Consultations Programs

Qualification criterion for the program

Now, it is important for you to know the qualification requirements if you are a current or potential applicant. Thus, let’s walk you through the specifics:

  • 400 Direct Contact Hours, which means applicants should have at least 400 hours (you need to get in touch with the Training Director if you want to apply for the program but have less than 400 hours).
  • Candidates must have existing enrolments in clinical psychology or counselling programs.
  • All the related or relevant coursework needs to be completed before application.
  • All candidates from the APA-Accredited programs will get the first preference.
  • The comprehensive exams need to be completed by the candidates before reaching the application deadline.
  • Keep in mind that all dissertation proposals need to get approved by the beginning of the doctoral internship program.

Know the specifics for UT Directory

The initials “UT” stand for the University of Texas (at Austin White Pages) and unlike the APPIC Directory, the UT Directory (LDAP-enabled) contains public information on all the current or existing students, staff and faculty. This information can only be accessed by members of the university community adhering to the affiliations below:

  • Current and Future Faculty
  • Current and Future Staff
  • Current and Future Students
  • Retirees
  • University Affiliates
  • Official Visitors

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The detailed read above has been crafted to walk you through the very basic yet crucial information on the APPIC Directory that helps several training directors, students and other graduate faculties with a list of APPIC-member internships and training programs (both internship and post-doctoral). You also learnt about the UT Directory, and Azure Active Directory above that adds to the experience. Learn all the basic and crucial detail about the APPIC Directory including the elaboration on an active directory, the UT Directory and Azure Active Directory.

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